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911 Pentagon cars, SUV and vehicles.
The Great Pentagon Insurance scam part 2:

The cars were moved in and back out of the damaged area, they seem to catch fire at different times.
There are other oddities that can be found in the photos below with a close eye.

While looking at this site, keep in mind the time frame. You can do this by shadows, indicating where the sun was, also by what car or SUV was or was not on fire at that time. Also if the car or SUV was burned yet.
Keep in mind exactly WHERE they are in this time frame, it is not an easy job. Many things appear to contradict themselves.

The photo above shows what should have been their original position. The car is on fire, as are the windows above and the hole in the background. The roof has NOT yet collapsed.
Rubble on top of the cars make it SEEM that they were there, inside the collapse area, when the wall went down.
We can see from pics below that the cars were very far from this area BEFORE the wall fell. (or were they ??)

Cars just to the right of the tree piece of debris laying on top of the SUV
Does this look like that black SUV ?
Was it sitting at a different ground level than the car?
Fire truck damaged badly.

The photo below was retrieved from a Shockwave flash production, showing the fire truck, and cars present on the scene.
There is shoring on the support columns. The shoring was not in place on Sept 11th, so this is at LEAST one day later. Why did they put the cars (and fire truck) BACK into the scene?
The photo above shows NO-shoring on the support columns.
 The photo was probabally photographed the next day, there is very little smoke comming from the Pentagon.
The cars are NOT visable.

This is a nightime photo showing that the support columns did NOT have the shoring on them the night of Sept 11th !

Below is a photo of the damaged area showing a panel from the facade that is now missing (just below the window).
The photo also shows that the columns now are shored. Why would they move the cars BACK into the area?

Car in the rubble, notice the tree branches, and the large (tubular?) object to the right?
Is this whats left of the contractors trailor that was there before impact?
What would cause this damage? If a plane hit it, would it look curled up like this?
How did the wing of a 757 that supposedly "slide" accross the ground miss this car?
By the Goverment reports, the left wing was lower and thus hitting the ground?

The photo above is somewhere near, or, after noon.
The front of the towerhose is in full sun, not being shadowed by the Pentagon anymore.
Fires are still present, but the cars are no where in sight !

Tree branches where this plane supposedly vaposized !

(AP photo)

You can see the car still on fire.

Below, car looks like it is embeded in the rubble, this doesnt look like where the other car pics were?
 Was it pushed out the way ?
Also, the tree branches are interesting....( visable above and below)
Enough heat to vaporize a 100 ton plane, but these branches made it through???
They are right where the left wing should have hit.

The car in the pic above is near the collapsed wall.
The pic below, before the collapse, the vehicles are FAR away from the impact area.
This photo is taken VERY shortly after the impact.
 There is burning debris on the helipad, and the tree stump is still on fire.


above: The impact area is where the buring tree stump is on the right.

What is the distance between the cars and the impact in these pictures, which were taken well before the collapse of the wall?
Why are the cars closer to the impact in the pictures at the top, which were clearly taken well after impact?
The cars must have been moved INTO the damaged area? WHY ?

Here the van is visable to the left, with foam on it. This is before the collapse.

Here, after the collapse of the wall, the Van looks perfect! Someone was nice enough to wash the foam off of it.
It must have been Donny Rumsfelds.
Why was there foam on it in the first place? To put out the car? In this pic, much later, the car is still on fire?
Its like one of those trick birthday candles, The best fireman in the country cant put out a hood fire?

Is this the same fire truck, now moved to a different part of the yard?
It seemed very badly damaged before !
The helipad is lit by the sun, as is part of the fire truck, so it is later in the day.

Is this a date stamp? did they take this photo on the 22nd? This photo is in the evening, the sun is hitting the pentagon wall.

Well after the wall collapsed, a vehicle on fire, but no fire trucks? The sun on the backs of the people walking indicate the photo was shot around noon !

The car in the foreground was nowhere to be seen on any of the other pics during this whole tragedy.
The fire truck is now back in its original position. this was probabally shot the next day, if not days later.
The is a fork lift in the scene as well that was not seen on any other photos of the lawn that day.

This is the mysterious car #2.
Where was it during all of the burn pictures? It seemed to show up during the cleanup.

There was a van behind the generator that no one knew about....
This hole in the fence was supposedly caused by the right engine, which also hit the generator.

most photos from ....

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